Brazilian Hair

Beauty Come First is completely invested in authentic hair that is truly 100% real. We have our hair properly tested to ensure product performance and customer satisfaction. We as a staff believe that woman of all ethnic backgrounds should look and feel beautiful, beginning with the crown of their heads. Please feel free to visit our store or place your orders right now!

Malaysian Hair

Beauty Comes First ships everywhere via USPS. All purchases will be received in 2-5 business days depending on your actual location. Find out why woman are highly invested in Malaysian hair and you'll be invested too. Woman rather have a variety of 100% real human hair and not just one particular type or texture, so one of our goals is to guaranteed provision. Just feel free to subscribe and instantly receive a membership which will be rewarding.

Peruvian Hair

Virgin Peruvian hair has many purposes, it is lightweight but still carries lots of volume. Peruvian hair has soft and silky texture, available in natural black and natural brown shades. As usual, we only offer 100% virgin Peruvian hair, therefore our Peruvian hair is obtained from a single donor and has not been chemically altered or processed. It is Shed-Free and Tangle-Free, so you can rest assured that you are purchasing top notch quality hair. We guarantee that you will love our long lasting and beautiful hair, courtesy of Beauty Come first!